Full-service Consulting

RFA Associates can design, build and implement the solutions to your business challenges.

Keeping your growth and your expectations in mind, RFA Associates works to provide you with scalable solutions for your growing businesses. Our Consulting Experience over the last 20 years in accounting and Information Technology ensures that we have the ability to understand your business and system requirements.

What we do!

We work with you and your business to understand it and recommend the right software and hardware [if needed].  We then install it and train your staff to make sure your IT and Accounting requirements are met for the future. We also provide you with help you may require to get the information you want out of your system. In addition we stay with you and continue to help you with any changes and make sure you are current with all your updates and help you develop any further reports your may find useful for your business.

The products we work with


QuickBooks is the most flexible small business software package on the market. It is a great start for a new business and also serves businesses with multiple user needs.

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Adagio was developed by Softrak Systems of Vancouver, BC. Softrak was one of the Premier developers for Accpac Plus add on products that made Accpac Plus such a successful accounting software product. As part of their product development they delivered many products such as Quick Reports, Quick Reports for Windows, DataCare, Quick Invoice Plus, Sales Analysis, and others.

Softrak has now developed an Accounting Product that is fully compatible with Accpac Plus data and lets you work with Windows. Adagio [unlike Accpac Plus] runs on Windows XP and can use Microsoft's Small Business Server as its platform. Whether you are a new Adagio user or an Accpac Plus user you will find that your investment in Adagio will be a worthwhile experience and a timesaver.

Accpac Plus.

Sage Accpac Announcement

Accpac Plus is probably the most used DOS based accounting software in North America. It has been around since the 80's and users have found it to be fast, flexible and with all the available add on products that have been developed. Accpac Plus has satisfied a wide range of businesses for years and still has a large user base all over the world. Sage Software discontinued support for Accpac Plus in September 2006. We have many year's experience with Accpac Plus and still work with Accpac Plus and done so since the Mid 80's.

We can provide you with a smooth transition to all of the Adagio modules that can use the Accpac Plus data without conversion.


Windows 98

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows Small Business Server

Although we do not sell hardware we have installed numerous brands and are fully capable of configuring systems for you to purchase from you desired or designated vendor. We primarily work with Dell for Servers and Desktop Systems and use Lenovo for Notebooks as our experience with these products have been outstanding.

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Front Page, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, TimeSlips, TrendMicro, and other common software.

We work with you to get your Company on the Internet. We can obtain your Domain Name [based on availability ] and register* it for you, we setup your Website and get you working with e-mail, and all other aspects of the Internet. We also work with your phone/Internet communications provider to ensure smooth access to their services and Internet access.

[*Domain Name Registrations - see Registration Statement - Exhibit A and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ICANN Policy.]



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