Frequently Asked Questions -

Q. I am just starting out and need a start up solution, what is best?

 A. That depends on the type of business you are starting and the level of detail you want or need. The choice really depends on what information you may want to have.

Q. I am ready to move up to a more robust Accounting Solution for my Business. What is available and what should I get?

A. Again is the information you have been getting adequate? are you in need of more access to your system by more people? Do you want to use your system for marketing or are you interested in sending out your bills as e-mails. Would just generating more relevant reports from your current system satisfy your needs?

Q. I've been using Accpac Plus and still like it and don't want to give it up ? Since it is no longer supported what are my options?

A. The simplest answer is that you have to weigh the continuation of using Accpac Plus without support [except from a consultant that knows the product well] or to migrate to Adagio which is supported and widely in use. One of the major advantages in the migration is that a lot of the Adagio modules work similarly to the Accpac Plus Modules and the training time is reduced and at times eliminated if your staff is used to working with Accpac Plus. In addition to this advantage, Adagio works on Windows Xp and Vista and the data can be migrated to a Microsoft Small Business Server.

Q. I've migrated from Accpac Plus to Sage's Accpac and I am not happy with the product as I find it to be overkill. What can I do?

A. You can take a close look again and evaluate what you really need or want and you may be surprised at the Adagio System. Much of the information in your current system may be brought into Adagio to return you to a straight forward Accounting Solution.

Q. I've been using Accpac Plus and don't want to retraining of my staff.

A. Look at Adagio and you'll be pleasantly surprised.  

Q. Can I get my old reports back?

A. So far we have not run into any reports that cannot be recreated. You cannot convert the old reports to new ones but the new reporting tools available give you all the capabilities of rewriting the reports. This is an area where we can help.  

Q. Can you customize reports to give me the information I want?

A. As long as the information is available in your data and can be accessed a report can usually be generated.

Q. Can you export the information so I can use it in Excel.

A. There are many ways to extract information from these Accounting programs so it can be used with Excel. We can get a better answer for you when we know your requirements. 

Q. How can you take care of my needs from your location when I am not close to you?

A. Several Solutions are readily available to allow RFA Associates to access your equipment through the Internet. We access client machine and perform updates and modifications. We can work with your current IT person and just deal with your Accounting Solution. Where and when required arrangements can be made for on site work to be performed.